E-Learning Schedule for Friday, May 15th , 2020

Good morning, friends!   You have two things on your list to do:

1.  Watch the video in Useful Links called: Oh the Places You'll Go
The book is by Dr. Seuss.  Enjoy our last story time together.

2.  Go to Dojo.  Write to me about these three things:

*What was your favorite fourth grade memory?

*What was the most important skill you learned this year?  It does not have to be academic.  We learned a lot socially this year also.  What stands out?  What will be the most important thing you take with you?

*Lastly, if you could give next year's class advice about fourth grade, in my class in particular, what advice would you give?  What would you tell them?  

Thanks ya'll!  It's been fun!  Good luck in 5th grade!!!!😊❤️