eLearning Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are we returning to school?
A: On April 2nd Governor Holcomb stated all Indiana schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year.  We will continue with eLearning until the end of the year.  A more specific schedule is coming soon.

Q: Are there specific eLearning Days?
A: Yes.  March 31-April 3 your child has a packet to be working on.  Then April 6-May15 (M,W,F) are eLearning Days.  All the other days your child will not be assigned work to do.  However, you can always continue working on the various websites, apps and other activities on those days.

Q: Will attendance be taken?
A: Yes.  Attendance will be taken for each day of eLearning. The teachers will be checking-in with you and your child in various ways.  They can track your child's work on specific websites to check for completion and activity, they may ask your child to message them through DOJO or other ways, some will ask for you to send a picture of your child's completed work through DOJO as well.  For these reasons, please make sure you are checking in with your child's teacher and following their assignment guidelines.

Q: How will we know what my child needs to be working on while at home?
A: Your child's teacher will communicate all assignments, tasks and activities with you through Class DOJO.  Some teachers will also use their class web page to post assignments.

Q: What if I don't have a Class DOJO account?
A: Please email your child's teacher so he/she can give you a Class DOJO invitation code.  

Q: What if my child has something in his/her classroom that we need?
A: If there is something you need immediately, please email Mrs. Preston (cpreston@lsc.k12.in.us) or your child's teacher and we will make a plan.  All other items will be distributed on May 19-20 when iPads are returned (see below for schedule).

Q: My child's iPad is not connecting, what should I do?
A: We are having the most questions with Kindergarten iPads (they are the oldest iPads). First, make sure "Airplane Mode" is shut off.  If it is still not connecting, check out this handout with other tips:  iPad Troubleshooting

Q: My child's iPad charging cord/brick is not working, what should I do?
A: Email Mrs. Preston (cpreston@lsc.k12.in.us) and we will find a way to get you a replacement cord and/or charging brick.

Q: What if we don't have WiFi?
A: You can get 60 days of free internet services through Comcast:  https://internetessentials.com

Q: What if my child's iPad becomes damaged?
A: Ouch! Email Mrs. Preston or your child's teacher immediately.

Q: When do I return my child's iPad and materials to school?
A: On May 19-20th families will return all iPads, library books and other school materials to school.  All iPads are expected to be returned clean, with the charging cord and brick.  If iPads are not returned, there will be a fee of $300-$500.
May 19 @ 9-11am = Kdg
May 19 @ 12-2pm = 1st grade
May 20 @ 9-11am = 2nd grade
May 20 @ 11am-1pm = 3rd grade
May 20 @ 1-3pm = 4th grade

Q: What should we do with my child's packet of work that is complete?
A: Great job getting it done!  Now just hang on to it until our May 19-20 iPad drop-off

Q: What should we do with my child's Vinton Library books that we have at home?
A: Keep reading! Hang on to them until you return your iPad on May 19-20.