eLearning Expectations

  • This is new for everyone!  So we are really working on our life skills of patience, flexibility, perseverance and communication during this time. Everything will be ok! :) 
  • It is our expectation that your child be working on assignments from his/her teacher on eLearning Days: March 31-April 3 and April 6-May 15 (M,W,F).  These assignments will not take all day.  Each teacher will do things slightly differently to meet the needs of his/her students in the best way they know how.
  • We do not want this to be "hard" on anyone - so please contact your child's teacher if you need support!
  • Set a routine for your child on eLearning Days.  Make sure you include breaks, recess and time to relax!
  • All work that your child does will be monitored either online or through Class DOJO by your child's teacher.
  • When we are done with eLearning, your child's teacher and Mrs. Preston will share the plan for returning all materials and iPads to school.

iPad Expectations

  • iPads are to be used to enhance learning for e-learning days.  More details will be sent through Class DOJO, Facebook posts and through Powerschool announcements as well as on this website.
  • If iPads become damaged over break or are not returned then you will be charged for any replacement parts or maintenance. The cost for the iPad replacement ranges from $300-$500. Please take good care of them.
  • Before returning the iPad to school please sanitize it at home. This also goes for the charging cube and cord.
  • Please keep your iPads with you at home and if you are heading out of town, do not take them with you.