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Hi! Welcome to my Art Page! Please find your weekly assignment and after completing your project please fill out the Google form.Have fun. Do your best. Keep creating.

Week 1 (Mar 30-Apr 3)
Week 2 (Apr 6-Apr !0)
Week 3 (Apr 13- Apr 17)
Week 4 (Apr 20 - Apr 24)
Week 5 (Apr 27-May 1)
Week 6 (May 4-May 8)
Week 7 (May 11-May 15)

Week 1 project
Create a robot using shapes
Using circles, triangles, rectangle and squares...create a robot or a portrait of a robot. You must use a variety of shapes and show at least 7 shapes to create your robot. You can add backgrounds, robot friends, family, pets, etc. Have fun and be creative.
When you have finished complete the Google form

Week 2 project
Draw a picture of a new type of animal.Create a new kind of animal by combining 2 or 3 animals you already know. For example an animal that is part zebra and part kangaroo or part cat and part unicorn. Add a background like a place it might live or food that it eats, etc. You can name it, color it,...have some fun.
When you have finished complete the Google form.

Week 3 project
Mrs. B. Our student teacher, sent this to me for your week 3 project. It is a project about color and patterns.
Step 1: on a piece of paper draw 3 lines that different directions across the paper. Top to bottom or side to side, 3 lines. 
Step 2: draw a circle in the middle of the paper over the lines. 1 big circle.
Step 3: inside the sections of the circle that are made by the lines crossing the circle...make different patterns. Polka dots, stripes, zig zag, hearts,stars,etc.
So you circle and it’s patterns will be all colored in with different colors.
Color schemes: Choose one of the following color schemes/groups.
Primary colors: red, yellow, blue
Secondary colors: orange, purple, green
Warm colors: red, orange, yellow
Cool colors: green, blue, purple
Complementary colors: red and green (pinks,yellow green, red orange, red violet, they count too)
purple and yellow (all purples and yellows)
orange and blue (all blues and oranges)
After you draw your circle with designs(you can decorate around the circle or cut it out when you have finished coloring it. You can use crayons, markers, colored pencils, whatever material you want to color after you choose the color scheme you want to show.
When you are finished complete the Google form. Tell me what color group you chose to use. If you can please send a picture. I can share them with Mrs. B.

Week 4 project
Design a Dream Playground
Your project this week is to use your super creative minds and design/draw a playground of your dreams! It can be a playground for your house or future house, a play place in a separate fun building or a playground for our school. It can be an inside playground or an outside place. 
Some things to think about...
Your playground could have a world or jungle fun , unicorns, space galaxies, etc. Think of colorful, soft/safe, fun areas to play. Make it colorful with colors and things that you enjoy.
You could have slides, climbing equipment, things to jump on, obstacle courses like they have on Ninja Warrior, zip lines, playhouses forts, play rocket ships, dinosaurs, etc.
You can have ice cream stands, cotton candy, shaved ice, pizza...all kinds of yummy things!
Last thing...give your fun place a name! Please send a picture! I love to see your work!

Week 5 project
Draw yourself as a Queen or King
You can draw just your head and shoulders or your whole body.  
Things your drawing will need...
...eyes   must have a crown!!!
...nose         ...neck
...mouth      ...shoulders
Think about the color of your hair, your eyes, is your hair straight, curly, long, short, etc.
You can show your castle, pets, maybe a pet horse, dogs, cats, dragons...they can wear crowns too!
You can have jewels, treasures, swords, knights in armor, 
have fun! Create! Do your nicest, neatest coloring!

Week 6 project
Underwater Scene
Create an underwater scene. In your picture you need to include a boat or boats. It can be a sailboat, a ship, a canoe, a rowboat, a cruise ship, a pirate ship, a sunken ship, a submarine..( you can make more than one boat)
In the water, under or around the boat...add some fish, dolphins, crabs, lobsters, sharks, turtles, whales, mermaids, shells, swimmers,...or anything else you can think of!
Color in your drawing with lots of color!
Be creative! Have fun!

Week 7 project
Create a new cereal
Think of a kind of cereal that would be a super new treat for people. The new cereal can have special powers you could have if you eat it. It could be magical. Example...It could make you have the power to fly, run fast, jump super high, swim far...any kind of magical power or powers that you want it to give.
Maybe you just want your cereal to make you healthy and strong. Maybe you like soccer or baseball and your new cereal can give you extra power playing your sport. Think of things you like and a cereal you would like to eat.
Draw a box for your cereal. Decorate the box in a way that will make people want to buy it. Tell the great things the cereal does. What are the flavors of the cereal? Are there any prizes in the box? What shapes are you pieces of cereal?
An example...SPACE ROCKET cereal...It is a BLAST!!! Blast off on a super journey! The cereal could be shaped like rockets or planets or stars.  Color your picture your nicest and neatest coloring! Be creative! Have Fun!

Don't forget to fill out the Google Form it is down below!

Google Form
I would love to see your artwork! Please send picture to jljone[email protected]     Thanks! I miss you! Ms. Jones