Week 2 PE e-Learning

PE Week 2: Throwing

This week, we will begin our throwing unit. During a "regular" school week, students get 30 minutes of PE per week. Feel free to complete this week's activities throughout the week, or all on one day. Remember it is important for your child to get 60 minutes of physical activity every day to stay healthy and strong. Please see visit my Boredom Busters page for more ideas. 

To earn participation points for the week, fill out ONE Google Form by Friday. 

Warm Up

Please choose ONE warm up activity to complete. Feel free to complete more if you would like. These would make great Brain Energizers between e-learning homework. 

Would You Rather Fitness (YouTube 7:01 min.)

Super Mario Fitness (YouTube 8:45 min.)

GoNoodle: Young Dylan Dance Along (YouTube 2:24)
Activities Activity#1 (required):  Underhand Throwing Game

What you need: Laundry basket and a rolled up pair of socks. Feel free to choose other items to use for this game too. For example you can use a small ball, a stuffed animal, etc. You can also use a bucket, a dresser drawer or a chair as a target for the game too. Be creative. 


Activity #2 (required):  Overhand Throwing Game What you need: Chair, rolled up socks, stuffed animal and playing cards. If you don't have one of these items you can use something else. For instance if you don't have playing cards, you can use UNO cards, cut pieces of paper and write numbers on them or just keep score by assigning points. (please do not go out and purchase a ball. Use a rolled up pair of socks, or make a ball using a plastic shopping bag or wadded up paper towel works just as well. Be creative)

PE Participation: Don't forget to fill out the Google Form by Friday. Submit Button