Week 5 - Field Day Part 1

Welcome to Field Day 2020 Part 1!!!

Field Day is an important tradition at our school. We feel that in these incredibly challenging times this national event is a unique way that we can stay connected as a community and support one another in a fun and meaningful way.

How it works: Mrs. Bornino will provide field day activities and videos to complete over the next two weeks. Follow the Virtual Field Day torch at #NationalFieldDay from May 3-7 (next week). May 8th is the the official National Field Day. You will be able to see videos and pictures of everyone who has participated from our school as well as from around the nation. 

Pictures and Videos: We would love to highlight families who have participated in National Field Day. Please send pictures and videos of your family participating in an event to Mrs. Bornino at [email protected]. Remember to include your child's name, school and activity.

Activities: Choose 4 or more events from the list below.

Scorecard (PE participation): Record your scores on the Google Scorecard

#NationalFieldDay Activities:
(Complete 4 activities and fill out the Google Scorecard)

Bowl Ball (1:02)
Bowl Ball

If the Shoe Fits (1:07)

Shoe Fits

Clothes Relay (1:07)

Clothes Relay

Milk Jug Relay (0:57)

Milk Jug relay

Paper Plane Corn Hole (1:01)

Paper Plane

Penguin Race (1:01)

Penguin Race

Sock-er Skee-Ball (1:02)


Spoon Relay (0:55)


Towel Flip Challenge (1:01)


Water Bottle Trap (1:01)

Bottle Trap

Wind Bowling (0:56)

Wind Bowling

Way to Go!!! Don't forget to fill out the Google Scorecard and email Mrs. Bornino ([email protected]) a picture or video of one of your activities

Hooray for Field Day!!!

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