Week 7 - e-Learning

Wow, these past few weeks have flown by. Even though school is out for the summer, I want you to stay active. Your goal is to get 60 minutes of physical activity EVERY DAY!!! Have a magnificent Summer!!!

This week’s PE assignments:


2. Watch 1 digital book (YouTube link) from the list below

3. Create an obstacle course out of items found around your house

4. Make a Summer Activity List. Have an AMAZING SUMMER!!! 

Assignment #1: Choose 1 Audio Book

This week we have partnered with Jefferson High School students. Below are links to children’s books that were made by the Anatomy and Physiology students. They are organized by grade level. Please choose 1 or more books to listen to and enjoy.

Book for K-2nd Grade

Books for 3rd-4th Grade

Assignment #2: Obstacle Course

Use items from around your house to create and obstacle course inside or outside. Use pillows to jump on, clothes to jump over, chairs to walk on, shoes to run around, etc. Be creative and ENJOY!!!

Assignment #3:Summer Activity List

Write down a list of activities you and your family plan to do this summer to stay active and healthy. Use the Summer Boredom Busters link to start your ideas list. Post the list on your refrigerator or somewhere in your room. Check off all of the activities throughout the summer. 

Summer Boredom Busters