Miss Scott's Classroom

Welcome to Room 17!

Miss Scott

My name is Addie Scott.  I am a 2010 Purdue Elementary Education graduate.  This year marks my fourth year at Vinton teaching kindergarten!  Previously, I've worked in special education at the middle school level and was a third grade intervention assistant.

I love my job!  Teaching kindergarten is easily the most fun job around.  We quickly go from counting to 10 and reciting our ABC's to reading whole books and performing simple addition.  Kindergarten is incredible because we learn so much!

Besides teaching kindergarten, I work closely with the United Way of Greater Lafayette to help bring the BornLearning program to Vinton Elementary.  Through this program, we help parents of small children gain a network of friends in their community.  We also provide dinners, meal ideas, raffles and prizes, and new ideas on how to incorporate learning in their children's daily lives.

    If you have any questions/comments or would like to hear more about the BornLearning program, feel free to email me at ascott@lsc.k12.in.us.