Ms. Perkins Classroom

*Check here for daily assignments and updates!*
-The best way to get assignments to me now is to upload them on Showbie! I will post the codes again in case you still need them. 
Reading: TP6V2
Math: 7QMED
Writing: YJKCH
Spelling: K7AE7
Please watch this video from Miss McCool on how to add text to speech on your iPad!

April 6:
Reading: Standing Up: Marting Luther King, Jr.. Do the activities for Monday and Tuesday.
-there is a MobyMax assignment on rhyming words in Poetry. Please do that before you do any other lessons on MobyMax.

Math: Do Week 2, Monday and Tuesday in the packet I sent home (this is also on Showbie now)
-do math assignment on MobyMax on quadrilaterals

Writing: Reflexive Pronouns worksheet on Showbie
-IXL JJ8 goes along with this

Spelling: do a spelling activity (on Showbie)

April 8:
Reading: TStanding Up: MLK Jr. Do the activities for Wednesday and Thursday. Feel free to record yourself reading it out loud and send it to me on Dojo!
-Finish the MobyMax assignment if you haven't yet. If you have, do a FOUNDATIONAL READING (the light bulb) lesson.

Math: Do week 2, Wednesday and Thursday in the packet I sent home. 
-finish up the MobyMax lesson on quadrilaterals if you haven't already. If you have, feel free to get on DreamBox!

Writing: Do the Relative Pronouns worksheet on Showbie
-IXL JJ9 and JJ10 go with this

Spelling: Keep working on spelling activities

April 10:
Reading: Standing Up: MLK Jr.. Do the constructed response and quiz (posted on Showbie)
-finish up any MobyMax and feel free to use your game time if you have it!

Math: Do week 2, Quiz in the packet I sent home. 
-finish up MobyMax lesson if needed. Do some fact fluency!

Writing: Finish up the pronoun worksheets if needed.

Spelling: Finish up spelling packet. I will post a blank test page if you want to try quizzing yourself!