Boredom Busters

Here are some fun ideas to kick boredom out the door. If you come across any amazing ideas to add to the list, feel free to let Mrs. Bornino know. This list is fluid. Please check back often for more ideas.

Indoor Ideas

Homemade jump ropes - make your own jump rope by  plastic shopping bags

Learn to Juggle - Use scarves or plastic shopping bags to learn to juggle

Juggle with 1-2 scarves

Juggle with 3-4 scarves

- tape a plate to a paint stick and use it during balloon tennis

- Sock war in the living room, snow ball fight using wadded up newspaper or old junk mail papers – when they are finished, play basketball with socks/papers using a trash can or a laundry basket, or clean up can also be who can pick up the most socks/papers in one minute

- Pictionary, hangman, tic-tac-to, game of dots, draw half a picture and let them finish the other half, draw/color inside a large box or tear open an empty cereal box and draw on the cardboard inside

- have an indoor scavenger hunt. Find things around the house that match up with the colors of the rainbow.

- Make chores fun –laundry basketball, have them write their name/abc’s/numbers on the wall with a wet washcloth and have them “erase” it when they are finished, baseboard cleaning race, who can pick up the most toys in one minute, who can bring a yellow toy to me first, “princess” mop (Ice skate mop)

- wackiest hair challenge, gymnastics routine create a play, come up with a new song or story write it down draw pictures for your story – perform/read/sing for the family

- create a paper sandwich bag puppet and have a puppet show under the table or behind the back of the couch, make a paper doll and design paper doll clothes to fit on the doll, use a pen to circle healthy foods in the Payless ads, cut out pictures or words from a magazine and glue them onto another piece of paper, write a letter to the Easter Bunny/Santa Clause/relative far away/email/birthday card

- Pamper the dog - give the dog a bath and/or a PETicure – if your brave enough let them give you a pedicure/manicure or vise-versa (the kids, not the dogs)

- Build a fort out of blankets and pillows in the living room or under the dining room table, frogs on a the pond (put couch cushions on the floor and leap from one o the next, or you can use paper plates too), knee football

- Play Simon Says, I See Something You Don’t See and the color of it is…, Twister, Hide and Go Seek, leap frog, or create a silent game

Outdoor Ideas

Put together an obstacle course

Create a side walk chalk walk

Use this link to see some ideas for sidewalk chalk academic challenges

- Play a game of catch with a football, baseball, or a sock ball

- Kick around a soccer ball, or a can or whatever you have

- Play simon says, play on the trampoline

- Play mirror mirror with someone - face each other and one person do silly motions, the other person mirrors the first person

- Create your own game

- Create a dance routine or gymnastics routine

- Have a tennis racket? How many times can you hit the ball in the air in a row

- What other games can you come up with?

Online ideas

Beach Body Kids - Free kids fitness videos

PE Universe - Videos and ideas for homemade games and activities 

Cosmic Kids Yoga - Free Yoga videos for kids. Check out the Cosmic Kids Yoga Channel

Superhero Fitness - HIIT and Tabata Superhero fitness activities (Glen Higgins)

KidzBop Dance Videos - – YouTube KidzBop Dance video

GoNoodle– parents sign up for free - GoNoodle has many amazing kids fitness activities