K-1st Grade - Shoe Tying Challenge
Shoe Tying Champions Challenge

BONUS ACTIVITY: I would like to invite ALL K & 1st grade students to learn how to tie their shoes. Did you know that there are many different methods to tying your shoes? I didn't until I started looking up helpful tips. Below you will find some helpful videos to use in teaching your kiddo how to tie their shoes. Try 2-3 methods to see which one will work out for your child.

Remember, your child will not learn how to tie their shoes on the first try. It will take lots of patience, practice and time to learn. AGAIN, have grace and LOTS and LOTS of PATIENCE. 

I'd love to know who my shoe tying champions are!!! When your child becomes a Shoe Tying Champion, please fill out this Google Form and let me know so we can add them to the Shoe Tying Champions list. If your child is already a Shoe Tying Champion, let me know this as well!! I look forward to seeing who can learn to tie their shoes. 

3 Ways to tie your shoe: How to teach your kid to tie shoe (1:17)
*** This is my favorite view ***
Circle Method, Bunny Ears Method, Magic Fingers Method 


Bunny Ears – Two Loop Knot
Mr. Tumble’s Song Time – Tie Your Shoelaces (1:12)


Mr. Bawlowski Shoe Tying (0:56)


Kids version: Coolest shoe tying trick ever!!! (1:59)


Around the thumb (tree method)

Caitie’s Classroom: Learn to Tie Your Shoes (Skip ahead to 2:56)

Patty Shukla: How to Tie a Shoe Step by Step (2:08)


Circle Tying Method

LBB Junior: Tying Shoe Laces Song (2:26)


Shoe Tying Tutorial (1:03)


Ian Knot

(New to Mrs. Bornino 2 steps/2 seconds)

Professor Shoelace (5:21)

My child is a Shoe Tying Champion!!!! Let Mrs. Bornino know by filling out the Shoe Tying Champion Google Form.