Week 4 PE e-Learning

PE Week 4: Throwing

This is the last week of our throwing unit. Feel free to complete this week’s activities throughout the week, or all in one day.

Question of the Week:‚Äč Which hand do you like to throw with the most? This is called your dominate hand.

To earn participation points for the week, fill out ONE Google Form by Friday. 

Warm Up

Please choose ONE warm up activity to complete. Use the rest of these warm up videos as Brain Energizers between e-learning homework. 

Walking Song (YouTube 3:00 min.) 

Harry Potter - Hogwarts Workout (YouTube 4:15 min.) 

Go Noodle: Boom Chicka Boom (YouTube 4:02 min.)

Activities Activity#1 (required):  Go Flip It

What you need: Paper plates or other objects that can be flipped over (deck of playing cards would work too, or a piece of paper with drawings on one side). You will also need something to throw (ball, rolled up socks or a stuffed animal) and a partner.

Focus: Throwing to a target – Try to use good form and throw with your favorite hand and step with your opposite foot. When you are finished releasing the “ball” point to the target. Do you need to throw harder or softer to hit the target.

Activity #2 (required):  All Gone

What you need: laundry basket, stuff to underhand throw into the basket  (ball, rolled up socks, stuffed animals, etc.)

FOCUS: Focus on throwing with your dominate hand and stepping with your opposite foot. Try to say, “opposite hand, opposite foot,” when you roll or throw the ball.

PE Check in: fill out ONE Google Form by Friday. 

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