Week 6 - Field Day Part 2

Wow!!! We have had many wonderful pictures and videos of families participating in Field Day fun. Way to go!!! This is our last week for Field Day events. Here’s what you need to know:

PE Participation:
Choose 4 events or more from the list below, fill out the Google Scorecard and email Mrs. Bornino ([email protected]) a picture or video of one of your activities!!!

May 7: Field Day OPENing Ceremony
A National Field Day OPENing Ceremony will broadcast live at www.OPENPhysEd.org/fielddayopening  on Thursday, May 7 at 7:30 PM. Feel free to watch live. Remember, if you have already submitted activity scores over the past 2 weeks, you have already completed Field Day Events. There is no need to submit more scores this week.

May 8: National Field Day DAY
National Field Day is officially May 8th. Feel free to post your pictures and videos on social media using the #NationalFieldDay and @OPENPhysEd to join over 6 million other students from around the country. If you sent me pictures or videos, we will be posting them on our schools Facebook page too.

#NationalFieldDay Activities:
(Complete 4 activities and fill out the Google Scorecard)

Fan A War

Climb the Ladder

Backboard Bank It

Coin Flip 400

Flip Your Lid


Tennis Shoe Tower
shoe tower

Fast Folder


Look for the Good

Wash Your Hands Relay

Keep it Up

Way to Go!!! Don't forget to fill out the Google Scorecard and email Mrs. Bornino ([email protected]) a picture or video of one of your activities!!! 

Hooray for Field Day!!!

go team