Title 1

What WE are doing for our Vikings!

Deborah Hobaugh 3rd grade small group
 Wendie Fishel one on one help  Debbie Gross 2nd grade LLI
Deborah Hobaugh
Small intervention group
Wendie Fishel 
Debbie Gross (2nd grade) 
Leveled Literacy Intervention

Suzanne Hannon LLI  Jamie Yaacoub LLI  Jane Tolen LLI
Leveled Literacy Intervention Leveled Literacy Intervention Leveled Literacy Intervention 

Title 1 provides Instructional Assistants to help with small group interventions. Some assistants teach a reading program called LLI (Leveled Literacy Intervention), or Read Naturally Live and Michael Heggerty. All assistant help teach small groups for STAR Math time throughout the day. They can also have high ability math and reading groups for those students doing work above and beyond their grade level. Sometimes IAs can work one-on-one with a struggling student to help give them the push they need to be successful in their normal classroom.

Supplies for students

We also provide students with the supplies they need at home to help continue learning during the summer. Each student receives a bag filled with a pack of crayons, scissors, pencil sharper, eraser, flash cards, glues and two pencils at the end of the school year.

Moms' Breakfast Dads' Breakfast Grandparents' Day
 Moms' Breakfast Dads' Breakfast Grandparents' Day
Family Board Game Night Camp Read-A-Lot Family Bingo Night
 Family Board Game Night Camp READ-A-LOT Family BINGO

Together with SHiP (School and Home in Partnership) we host a number of Parent/Family events. 

Grandparents' Day
Moms' Breakfast
Camp READ-A-LOT (Family Literacy Night)
Dads' Breakfast
Family Board Game Night
Family BINGO
Take Home Binders

Each student is given a Parent Involvement Binder/Folder at the beginning of the school year. Our hope is to help keep students organized with homework assignments, newsletters, lunch money, notes for teachers/from teachers and their Title 1 monthly Reading Calendar/Log. Please check your child(ren)'s binder/folder to look for important papers from school.